We supply replacement parts according to OEM standards to ensure that the quality of part that is being replaced is according to the highest standards.

We strive to get the part supplied to site in the fastest possible time in order to reduce the down time, ensuring a satisfied, up and running customer!

Our motto is that a “Crushing customer is a happy customer”

Services We Offer



When purchasing any used equipment from us the required repairs will be carried out at your request based on a full machine inspection done by us. Part of our service under your request will be manufacturing of damaged/replacement parts, fabrication and machining of new parts and hydraulic and electric repairs back to OEM standards.


Source Machine


In the event of us not having stock of the specific equipment as per your enquiry we will source this required equipment globally and negotiate the terms of possible sale with you after which we can import and repair the equipment based on prior agreed terms and conditions.


New Parts Supply


We will quote on parts according to information supplied by you. Our aim is to provide you with replacement parts according to original OEM specifications.